What are Juzo Stockings?

Juzo stockings are a type of hosiery that promotes vein function by compressing the legs. Made by medical garment manufacturer Juzo, the stockings are available in a variety of styles and colors and are designed to be easy to care for, comfortable, and durable. Juzo stockings are sold in several different compression levels, some which require a prescription.
The veins in the legs carry blood in the direction of the heart. When the vein valves cease to function properly, however, the blood can begin to pool, causing the veins to become visibly enlarged, or varicose. This painful and unsightly condition can be caused by hereditary factors, obesity, pregnancy, aging, and prolonged standing. Juzo stockings can provide relief to varicose vein sufferers by surrounding the legs and compressing the veins, thereby improving the circulation and providing support to sore, achy legs. To promote optimal circulatory function, the stockings are graduated, which means the highest level of compression is applied at the ankle and this compression gradually lessens over the length of the garment.
In the past, compression stockings tended to be uncomfortable as well as highly conspicuous and unattractive. Advancements in manufacturing techniques have led to steady improvements in the comfort and appearance of these garments, however. Many modern compression products are practically indistinguishable from normal stockings.
Wearers of Juzo stockings can choose from a variety of different styles, including toed and toeless socks, leggings, thigh-highs, and pantyhose. Each style is available in a range of basic colors like black, beige, navy blue, and brown. Some even feature subtle designs, like diamonds or stripes, which lend the stockings an element of fashion.
In addition to being inconspicuous, Juzo stockings are also intended to be easy to care for and comfortable. They are made primarily from a highly stretchable synthetic fabric that retains compression over long periods and is machine washable. This stretchable fabric is sheathed in a thin, soft material intended to prevent skin irritation.
As with most compression garments, Juzo stockings are sold in several different compression levels. Low level stockings are used to combat mild circulatory difficulties, while higher level stockings are intended for more severe conditions. Juzo stockings with low compression levels can be purchased over the counter from pharmacies, foot care shops, and medical supply stores. Medium and high level stockings can only be purchased with a prescription and may require a fitting session.

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