What Are HCG Injections?

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) injections are medications used to provide the body with HCG hormones most commonly used in women trying to get pregnant. HCG may also be prescribed for young men with growth disorders, or for other less common uses including weight loss and increased athletic performance. Injections can be prescribed by a doctor, although there is an illegal black market for this drug.
The most common use for HCG injections is to help women get pregnant. The hormones are necessary for women to develop eggs, as well as for healthy eggs to prosper during ovulation. These types of medications are generally categorized as infertility treatments.
HCG hormones are most often viewed as female-specific, though both genders naturally have amounts of these hormones produced by the pituitary gland since it is necessary for the proper development of reproductive organs. In some cases, infertility specialists determine that a man might need assistance increasing his sperm count in order to help a woman conceive. This is a common use for HCG injections to treat infertility, as it can increase sperm production.
Some physicians prescribe HCG injections for obese patients as a method to lose weight. It is thought by some doctors that the increased amounts of hormones can help with weight loss while still retaining lean muscle mass. These methods are not widely adopted because there is a general lack of evidence of the effectiveness of the injections against fat loss.
Used as anabolic steroid adjuncts to help increase athletic performance, HCG injections have appeared in the professional athletic world. Athletes use the hormones to increase the effectiveness of steroids to maintain weight and increase muscle mass. Using HCG hormones for athletic purposes is illegal, although some athletes attempt to purchase the medications from street markets.
Most doctors recommend that HCG hormones be administered by another person, such as a family member. The ideal location of the injection depends on for what you are taking HCG hormones. Some of the most common places include large muscle groups, such as the gluteus maximus. Users should also take care in disposing of tainted needles and syringes as directed by a physician.
Especially if a patient has cancer or a hormone-related health disorder, HCG injections are not without risk of side effects. Pain and swelling are the most common in healthy patients. Abusing injections can cause life-threatening effects. These medications are not designed for pregnant women, as they can harm a fetus.

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