How Do I Treat Itchy Dry Feet?

Itchy dry feet can be treated by regularly removing calluses and moisturizing. Callus removal is important because they can become more severe, and are a direct cause of itchy and cracked feet. Once the calluses are removed, focus on providing your feet with the moisture they need on a regular basis. Routine upkeep is vital to keep them soft and itch-free.
Calluses develop due to repeated friction, such as your toes rubbing against ill-fitting shoes or frequently walking barefoot. They are basically a build up of dead skin cells, which are dry by nature and can be very itchy. Use a foot file to remove calluses, being careful not to cut yourself. Some people prefer to use these files after a bath when calluses are easy to remove, while others opt to file the dead skin into dust. Once all calluses are gone, you can apply moisturizers to living skin rather than dead skin your body keeps around to toughen and protect your feet.
One of the best ways to moisturize is to apply lotion or oil after a shower. Pat your skin dry, then generously apply the product onto the damp skin. Some people opt to cover their feet with thick socks too, to avoid rubbing the product off onto the floor or bedsheets. Not only does this method add moisture, but it helps your itchy dry feet retain what moisture it soaked up in the shower.
Soak your feet in a foot bath containing warm water, sea salts, and essential oils to soften them. This can be done in a good size bucket or a container meant for foot baths, but whatever you choose, make sure your feet comfortably fit inside. In addition to being good for itchy dry feet, foot baths are often relaxing. Some foot baths even have small massaging tools to rub your feet on.
Most of these itchy dry feet treatments can be obtained at a day spa or salon for a fee. In fact, many people go to such places just for regular foot care. On the other hand, if you suspect that your itchy dry feet stem from a health problem, it is best to see a doctor. Sometimes the itch is not caused by lack of moisture, but a minor allergic reaction or athlete’s foot. In this case, you may need to switch footwear or foot products and apply an anti-fungal medication, respectively.

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