What are the Most Common Causes of Stabbing Breast Pain?

Some research suggests that up to 70 percent of women may experience stabbing breast pain over the course of their lives. While the causes are often multifocal, they often include changes in hormone levels, a trauma to the breast or chest, or even the addition of a new prescription medication. Women with large breasts also commonly suffer from breast pain. While breast reduction surgery may be an option for some, the many risks associated with the procedure means it is not feasible for all.
One of the most common causes of stabbing breast pain is simply a change in hormone levels. Female hormone levels change almost on a constant basis, both over the course of a menstrual cycle, as well as throughout life in general. Young women may experience extreme stabbing breast pain before or during their periods. In contrast, women who are premenopausal may also develop this condition, though research suggests that it typically decreases in severity after the completion of menopause.
A trauma to the breast is another common cause of stabbing breast pain. A breast trauma can often lead to cyst development, or damage to the muscles that lie under the breasts. An example of the kind of trauma that can lead to the development of these conditions is a hit to the chest or breast, such as in a fall, accident, or other similar activity. Though these instances may seem minor, women who develop stabbing breast pain after experiencing them should consider seeking medical attention as soon as possible.
Certain medications have also been strongly linked to the development of stabbing breast pain. While hormone replacement medications have been commonly linked to the development of this condition, other medications, such as antidepressants, may also lead to breast pain. Those who have just been prescribed one of these medications and develop stabbing breast pain may want to consult with their physician or pharmacist. In many cases, an alternative medication can be prescribed, with minimal side effects.
Breast size is another common cause of stabbing breast pain. Research has found that women with very large breasts are much more prone to the development of breast pain than those with smaller breasts. While breast reduction surgery may be a successful way to treat breast pain in some cases, the risks may rule it out as an option for some women. Those who are not able to undergo breast reduction surgery must often rely on more supportive forms of undergarments. In addition, participating in a strength training routine that focuses on strengthening the back and core may be a viable option for those unable to receive breast reduction surgery.

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