What Are the Different Types of Meloxicam Tablets?

Meloxicam, the generic name of a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), may come in a few tablet forms. These tend to vary in appearance by color and shape, though there is not much difference in dosage. Almost all meloxicam tablets are either 7.5 milligrams (mg) or 15 mg. The drug is also available in an elixir. Further, an injection solution of the medication exists, but it is usually only used for dogs.
Since there are so many manufacturers of meloxicam tablets, differences in color and shape should be expected. Many companies make 7.5 mg round pills and 15 mg oval or elliptical pills. While this is the convention of a number of manufacturers, pill shape doesn’t always correspond to a pill dosage.
A few manufacturers only produce round 7.5 mg and 15 mg meloxicam tablets. Meanwhile, others create a slightly rounded square tablet in either of these strengths. Ultimately, what the pill looks like at different strengths depends on the company that made it.
There are also differences in appearance of meloxicam tablets in color. White and yellow colors are fairly common. Pale orange, green, and blue may be just as easily found. Any colored pill signals that its inactive ingredients contain different dyes. People sensitive to dyes might want to search for meloxicam tablets that are white.
Patients can expect that the varied manufacturers will produce versions of this drug with slightly different inactive ingredients. Some expected additions in most formulas are cellulose, different forms of magnesium, and lactose. Just as with patients who are allergic to dyes, those sensitive to certain ingredients may be able to find meloxicam tablets that lack them.
Even with a variety of companies producing meloxicam tablets under generic and brand names, there isn’t a significant difference from one type of pill to another. They are invariably produced in only two strengths, and there are no formulas that release the pill in different ways, such as in extended or controlled release tablets. The one variation of the drug for humans is the elixir form, which might be recommended for individuals who have difficulties swallowing tablets.
There is also an injectable solution of meloxicam, but it is generally not used for human patients. Instead, it may be recommended for use with dogs that have pain conditions like arthritis. In most cases, injections of this drug have not been judged safe or appropriate for the human population, and only meloxicam tablets or elixir should be used, when advised and prescribed.

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