What Are Dyslexia Glasses?

Dyslexia glasses are a type of vision product that is thought to help at least some people with certain types of dyslexia. These glasses may use specialized prisms to correct asymmetrical facial features, especially in cases where the left eye sits closer to the nose. Some glasses also use color filters as a way of helping to correct dyslexia problems. The glasses have been met with some skepticism by some who claim the glasses cannot help because dyslexia has nothing to do with the purported causes being treated.
The effectiveness of some of the glasses depends on a theory regarding facial symmetry. That theory suggests that a lack of symmetry prevents light from activating a part in the brain that could help cause reading difficulties. While that theory has not yet been proven, the glasses have helped some people read better who were diagnosed as having dyslexia.
A prism over the right eye is the key to some types of dyslexia glasses, supporters say. This solution could help those whose facial symmetry may be the cause of dyslexia. The glasses use ricochet angled reflective lenses. The prism helps correct the light flow, thus causing the brain to trigger in appropriate ways.
Another theory suggests that the way the brain processes color may be one of the problems causing dyslexia. In some cases, certain wavelengths of light may cause people’s peripheral vision to get out of sync with their central vision, the theory states. To help counteract that problem, some dyslexia glasses use various color filters to help correct the problem.
Dyslexia glasses are not without their critics. Some research has concluded that the real cause of dyslexia is a hearing or brain processing problem. If that is the case, then the glasses could not work. Some people, however, who have tried to the glasses, have reported a substantial increase in their ability to read effectively. Whether the glasses have helped, or whether it is a placebo effect, has been a matter of debate.
For most people, accessing dyslexia glasses can only be done through online sources, or some type of order form. Some companies, knowing there is little chance of a person trying out the glasses before a purchase, offer a money-back guarantee just in case the glasses are not effective at reducing the symptoms of the condition. Before ordering glasses, individuals may wish to get an official diagnosis from a medical professional, and ask that professional what he or she might recommend.

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