How do I Choose the Best Mouthwash for Gingivitis?

If you want to choose the best mouthwash for gingivitis, you may want to look for mouthwash with antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It may also be a good idea to use mint mouthwash because mint can naturally kill the bacteria that causes gingivitis. You can also create your own mouthwash for treating gingivitis out of a mixture of peroxide and baking soda. Most dentists advise avoiding mouthwash that contains lots of alcohol because this can further irritate your gingivitis. If your gingivitis persists after you’ve tried several different over-the-counter and homemade gingivitis mouthwash remedies, you may need to visit your dentist for a prescription gingivitis mouthwash.
Mouthwash that contains antiseptic properties is typically best for preventing gingivitis. Antiseptic mouthwashes generally contain large amounts of alcohol, and for this reason they may not be good to use on existing gingivitis. Once you have your gingivitis under control, you might want to use antiseptic mouthwash to prevent it from recurring because these mouthwashes can usually kill the bacteria that causes gingivitis. It will probably be necessary for you to use antiseptic mouthwash a few times a day to ensure that it continues to kill the bacteria, because new bacteria tends to form when old bacteria dies.
Antibacterial mouthwash that doesn’t contain a great deal of alcohol may be ideal for getting rid of gingivitis. In addition to effectively killing the bacteria that causes gingivitis, antibacterial mouthwashes might also help with problems such as plaque and bad breath. Using mouthwash for gingivitis that contains genuine mint ingredients is also typically helpful. It is important to make sure that the product you purchase contains real mint and not imitation mint. Peppermint and spearmint are two examples of mints that are effective against gingivitis.
If you do not want to purchase over-the-counter gingivitis mouthwash, you can make your own. Mixing up a small amount of peroxide with a few teaspoons of baking soda is generally effective against gingivitis and might also be much less expensive than purchasing over-the-counter mouthwash for gingivitis. Many people find the taste of this mixture unappealing, but it does tend to work well for combating gingivitis. If your gingivitis is getting worse instead of better, you may be at risk of developing periodontal disease. You should see your dentist for prescription mouthwash for gingivitis if the products you are buying or mixing up at home are not helping so that you can decrease the chances that your gingivitis will turn into periodontal disease.


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