How can I Buy Herbalife?

You can buy Herbalife only from an independent distributor at retail price or as an independent distributor at wholesale price from the Herbalife warehouse. Herbalife products cannot be purchased in shops, stores or pharmacies because the company sells their products only to independent distributors to guarantee consulting, delivery and additional service from customers. Herbalife places emphasis on a high level of personal, targeted service.
Herbalife is a nutrition and weight-management company founded by Mark Hughes in 1980. It is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is a publicly traded corporation. Herbalife has around two million distributors for its products, which include weight loss and weight management products, metabolic control products, energy and fitness products, targeted nutritional products, anti-aging products, stress management products, skin revitalizing products and fragrances. Herbalife ingredients include strictly nutrition items. They are not made in conjunction with any medicines.
Customers can buy Herbalife products by placing an order from the website. All major credit cards are accepted, and the product is shipped by FedEx directly to the address specified. Although distributors are not located in every city, they are found nationwide and even in Puerto Rico and Jamaica. When you buy Herbalife, the company finds the closest distributor to your address and makes the shipment. Orders over $100 US Dollars (USD) include free shipping.
After you buy Herbalife, you are offered the services of a Herbalife coach to personalize a training and/or diet program for you. When you place the order, you have the option for a representative to follow up with you over the phone to set up this program. This personal service is what Herbalife believes has helped it to succeed.
Another way to buy Herbalife is to become a distributor. This does not even require an interest in selling the products because distributors get a discount, which can be used to purchase more products for personal use. To become a distributor, visit Herbalife’s website. There is a link to sign up, and following the instructions will result in becoming a distributor in minutes. You can then use your unique identification number to place orders at a 25 percent discount, which can increase to as much as 50 percent, depending on how many products you sell.
After signing up to become a distributor, you will receive an international business packet from Herbalife, which explains things like marketing and selling for those who are unfamiliar with these subjects. If the website and packet are unclear on anything, there is an 800 number listed on the website. This number will put you in contact with a Herbalife representative who will answer your questions.

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