Write an essay describing your time as a hedge fund intern in london

Over the past 3 months i have been interning at a hedge fund in london (BMO Global Asset management). Write an overall assessment of the organization in which I was interning for. Appraising and evaluating the organization. Key points: A) Describe the organization and the department to which I was assigned (don’t go into detail on actual company background. I worked in private equity buying real estate firms and traveling across UK to visit them. Talk about that and due diligence involved in hedge funds and private equity) B) Assess the strengths weakness, opportunities and challenges faced by my (private equity) division. (industrywide) ( Talk about Brexit) C) What have I learned and hope to further learn from this ( Talk about role of financial markets in peoples lives etc… D) Evaluate your cultural experience in London as a global financial center – Make things up and write as if this was your experience – Opening paragraph should include key points that will be discussed in essay and summary of overall experience.