Windows Registry

The paper should be formatted according to APA standards. Prepare the paper for a reader who has little or no knowledge of the Windows Registry. Include definitions and explanations of terms which are likely to be unfamiliar. Include the following: 1. General overview of the Windows Registry and its five high-level keys including: • Descriptions of the ways that data is categorized within the registry • Examples of how data is stored and what’s necessary to decipher it • At least one screenshot depicting high-level keys 2. In depth research of the HKEY_Current_User Hive: • Detailed description of the hive • User and machine data that is stored within the hive • How data is stored • How data can be viewed within the hive • Specific examples of forensically relevant data • How the Hive can be connected to an individual 3. Three tools that can be used to analyze the Registry to include: • Description of the tools, their developers, and availability • Functions of the tools • How tools report data • Specific examples from the Windows registry where relevant and possible • Screenshots to support explanations of tools • Relevance to forensic examinations Note: Include annotated bibliography.