Why is it important to plan for your retirement?

Essay Requirement This typed essay assignment will be a (2) two page double-spaced report. The essay must have at least three cited sources. The following criteria: 1.Describe how this topic may or may not affect you and/or your community. 2.Typed Written Paper Criteria:  A minimum of three (3) references must be from Professional sources. These include journals, books, and reports of national organizations/agencies. Do not use popular magazines and websites, Wikipedia, Glamour, Sports Illustrated, Essence, etc.  References from web-based sites must include information describing sponsoring organizations(s), full citation of data sources/reports used, and information documenting the professional/scholarly reliability of reports. The typed written must be saved as a Microsoft Word document. If you have use a Macintosh or Apple computer, the student is responsible for saving the document in a manner that it can be opened by a PC. PAPER REQUIREMENTS: • A title page will be bold, centered, and typed in uppercase and lowercase letters on the page. If the title requires more than one line, double-spaced between all the lines. This page in not counted in the 2 (two) page count. • Double spacing between the title, Student’s name, course and date. Paper • Times New Roman – 12 font • White paper (White Background) • Black ink • Repeat title on top of first half page • One-inch margins at the top, bottom, right and left sides • No more than a 1 to 2 page typed written • Double spacing is required throughout the paper. • Each page is numbered, not including the title page or reference page • The paragraphs are indented five spaces. • All typing is done flush-left, not right justified nor full justified. In other words, leave the right margin uneven or “ragged right”. Reference Page • Center the word, REFERENCES, in bold at the top of the page. This page in not counted in the 2 (two) page count. • List the references alphabetically