“When I heard the Lean’d Astronomer” By, Walt Whitman p.

For this assignment you are to choose one of the following poems and write a brief essay.

If you choose option 1, your paper will be structured like this:

An introduction (mention the author, title of the work, and a developed thesis statement at the end of this paragraph)
Point #1 – support for thesis (examination of one of the elements)
Point #2 – Support for thesis (examination of another element)
Point #3 – support for thesis (examination of element 3)
Conclusion – sum up your points. Don’t say “In conclusion.”
If you choose option 2, your paper will be formatted like this (see the How to Write Your Poetry Analysis Page for further information):

paragraph I – Situation
Paragraph 2 – Structure
Paragraph 3 – language
paragraph 4 – sounds
Paragraph 5 – theme
All material must be accompanied by examples from the text that support your findings. In other words, if you included it in your paper, tell me how and why it supports your thesis . Again, poetry explications are argument based, and, in a good argument, there has to be proof; the poem is that proof!

Choose one of the following poems to be the subject of your essay. All selections are found in the Portable Literature: Reading, Reacting, Writing 9th edition

“When I heard the Lean’d Astronomer” By, Walt Whitman p.536

“We Wear the Mask” By Paul Lawrence Dunbar p. 550

“The Road Not Taken” By Robert Frost 624

Total length of this assignment must be at least 500 words, times new roman, double spaced. Headers (remember not to type this in the header box – only the page number should be in the header box) should include the following: