What is Impact Of Visual Communication

What is Impact Of Visual Communication Description PLEASE READ READINGS BEFORE WRITING AND MAKE SURE ANSWER ALL THE PROMPT QUESTIONS AND REQUIRED POINTS. FOLLOW REQUIREMENT INSTRUCTIONS. Paper Prompt: ( need include all the following points) —What is Impact Of Visual Communication? -Apply the readings/videos (reading as attached, videos of documentaries: https://www.netflix.com/title/70291615 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0388789/ ) -Diane Arbus/Susan Sontag, etc. -What is visual communication and what impact has it had on you personally? -How has visual communication been affected by NGOs and private companies—implementation of propaganda (images of children) -How are we manipulated by advertising images? -How images affect either policy, attitude, change or self – Ex. images from the Paris, France attacks. -How the meaning of photographs have changed throughout time – Changes in photojournalism in the past few years – How smartphones have impacted photography (Does participatory photography mean something different now that we have smartphones?) – How do trillions of images improve, define our lives in mainstream media and social media? PAPER REQUIREMENTS: 1) Must be 6 (six) pages of text, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font 2) Must have a work cited page at the end of your paper 3) Must use at least 9 (eight) sources: 4 (four) MUST be articles/readings that have been assigned in class. The other 5 (five) can be from anywhere 4) Must use professional college level writing i.e. proper grammar and syntax 5)You must include at least 2 extra pages with 15 photo images. They can be presented separated from the text of your paper and be their own pages – meaning that your paper could be 8 (eight) pages total (6 pages of text, 2 pages of images).