Wearable Technology

 Description Project Objective: New and Emerging Technologies are a driving force in the Information Technology arena, both from the perspective of companies in the Information Technology industries who seek to find ways to continue growing or maintaining market share and from the perspective of technology users who are seeking ways to improve their business or responding to competitive pressures. Prepare a report that can be sued as a basis for a class presentation on a wearable technology. The report should answer the following questions: • How was the technology developed? • What is its position vis-à-vis competing technologies? • What is the application? • How does the technology impact an organization’s information systems? • How does the technology impact an organization’s business? • What are the risks involved in using the technology? • What can be projected for the future of the technology? Format: A final report, not exceeding 10 pages (single spaced) to be submitted. The report will include an executive summary and a bibliography (or references to source material)