War on Drugs: History, Economics, and Public Policy.

 Please complete the 4 following essay questions. Each question is worth 25 points each. You are to use all materials I uploaded as appropriate. Decide which of the material I uploaded is appropriate to answer these questions and use them for reference. I put in the order minimum of 5 references must be used but of course, you can use more than that to complete the paper. All answers are to be type-written and approximately one type-written page in length for each question. 1. Drug policy has been created and transformed a number of times, particularly over the last five decades especially as it pertains to opioids and cocaine. Explain the political, economic, and social implications of these policies. Be sure to make comparisons with other countries’ drug policies. 2. As you are all aware, there is a socioeconomic status order in America and any industrialized country in the world (low, middle, and upper class status). Explain how this applies in the underground economy of drugs (who are low, middle, and upper classes of the drug world). 3. Explain how the inflow of drug profits into low income countries in South and Central America could affect adversely affect legitimate businesses and diminish economic growth in those countries 4. How can we decrease and prevent drug addiction amongst youth?