Wall Street Crash and Weimar Germany

 Description Title: to what extent was the wall street crash of 1929 significant for weimar germany? Intro: brief explaining what was the crash and germany’s golden years.  It was significant but all that happened to germany after 1929 was already going to happen either way 3 main body paragraphs (PEE) 1- economic 2- political 3- social (in all paragraphs give arguments for and against) Conclusion: clear conclusion summarising my main points Historical significance: – REMARKABLE (remarked by people at the time and since) – REMEMBERED (was important at some point in history within the collective memory of groups) – RESONANT (when people can relate / make analogies with it) – RESULTING IN CHANGE (had consequences for the future) – REVEALING (of some other aspect of the past) > long term significance > short term > impact – depth and width Useful sources: Longman weimar germany (pgs 27-29) History place Ben walsh (pg 235) IGCSE edexel history History learning