Volkswagen scandal

 Volkswagen scandal: answer questions below Discussion/Analysis Questions: 1. What organizational culture and leadership elements within Volkswagen can be blamed for the emissions scandal? Use types of power and leadership in your response. 2. Using Collins’ ethical bench-marking elements for ethical leadership (Ch. 9 – pp. 258-259 and Ch. 10 – pp. 289-290), what tactics/strategies should the CEO of Volkswagen adopt to attempt to make sure a scandal like this does not occur again? 3. If you were a Volkswagen employee working in the divisions involved, what strategies would/could you have employed to stop the events that promoted the scandal (hint: possible applicable frameworks include GVV, and the article “Being Ethical When the Boss is Not”). 4. Review the Sustainability link on Volkswagen’s corporate website ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.) to see what actions they have taken since the emissions scandal. Summarize at least three of these actions. Do you think these actions are sufficient to turn around their reputation loss due to the emissions scandal? What other actions do you suggest based on your text readings?