Video Demonstration Analysis Paper

This case study is about a single african american father of two small children, ages 1 and 3 who was left by their mother. The mother and father split and the father is left to raise the children alone. The father lost his job a few months ago because he had to call-out on several occasions to take care of the children. The father has little to no help or support from other family members. The single father, has two sisters who are also struggling and cant be of much assistance. The single father, mother works a lot and cannot be of assistance. And his Dad passed away. The single father was referred to the Bay Family and Children services by the Salvation Army. The father is applying for Food stamp services, Medicaid services and childcare services for himself and the children. The father is well educated, graduated from college is looking for work. The father is searching for work daily. The father is very determined, tenacious, loving of his children. and ambitious, yet vulnerable. Please use this information to complete the analysis. Please use clear and concise English terminology. Please see attached instructions