Vaccines”Vaccines—Calling the Shots”

 Description In this video from NOVA: “Vaccines—Calling the Shots,” learn how vaccines help the immune system protect people against diseases. The immune system is a natural defense system that uses biological processes to fight invaders such as germs. Vaccines introduce a weakened germ to the body so that the immune system learns how to fight it and is prepared for a future invasion. This video illustrates how white blood cells and antibodies fight germs, and shows how vaccines arm the immune system with memory cells. Vaccines prevent disease epidemics and are especially important for babies, whose immune systems are immature and vulnerable to infection. Answer the following questions in your initial post. NOVA: Vaccines—Calling the Shots | Immunity & Vaccines. PBS Learning Media. Retrieved April 2, 2018 from Describe the steps that your body takes when building immunity. Explain why vaccinations are particularly beneficial for infants. What does the scientist mean when he says that white blood cells would not be “fast enough or smart enough if we hadn’t whipped them along by a prior immunization?” Select one type of vaccine and research how it is made (flu, HPV, measles, etc.). Discuss whether you believe this process is safe and why. Compare and contrast your findings with those of your classmates.