Utilitarianism VS kantianism

 Description The first compares utilitarianism and Kantianism and goes as follows: Section 1: Utilitarianism. Describe utilitarianism. What, in your view, is the biggest problem for this moral theory? Explain.  Section 2: Kantianism. Describe Kant’s moral theory, focusing on its differences from utilitarianism. Be sure to address either the principle of universalizability or the principle of humanity—your choice. What, in your view, is the biggest problem for Kant’s moral theory? Explain. Section 3: Evaluation. Which of these is the better moral theory—utilitarianism or Kantianism? Explain your reasoning.  Research Expectations Research your topic in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP) and the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP), both free online. Browse these resources to find at least one article that sheds light on your topic and incorporate your research into the essay in a thoughtful, relevant way, making sure to cite your source properly. Do not consult other online sources. The SEP and IEP provide more than enough research opportunities on their own.