US history reflection essay

Basically all i want from this essay to talk about the thing he influence to the people about his biography Project Goals: 1) Introduce students to effective communications through the understanding of how a Historian produces a historical work. 2) Familiarize students with the customary array of tools employed by historians to produce a historical work. 3) Challenge students to identify and address any ethical issues that the biographical subject might reveal. 4) Gage the student′s understanding of the effect of the diversity of communities and cultures while also making a determination of whether the biographical subject exhibited effective civic engagement responsibilities in his/her lifetime. 1) –  Can the student effectively use sources and evidence to developRequirements: 1) Student will confer with instructor regarding the choice of biographical subject. 2) Student will choose a biography of the agreed on subject. 3) Student will produce a two-page double-space paper in which the project goals are answered. 4) Toward the end of the semester the student will read the paper to the class and turn in a written copy to the instructor. 5) Before the last day of class student will upload the paper into the reflection assignment repository. Preferred language style Simple (Easy vocabulary, simple grammar constructions)