unofficial image of Batman

 Description Analysis of unofficial images (e.g. web-sites, discussion board postings, fan magazines, letters to the editor) devoted to your particular comic book or character. Students will learn to analyze a subject as it is presented by those who do not have a vested interest in the subject as well as the subject itself. Plus students will increase their researching skills both in traditional areas as well as on the Internet. Unofficial images derive from people, places, and things that have no direct financial interests in a comic book or character. If anything, the stake is emotional (as well as psychological, political, or sociological). A study of unofficial images many times reveals the cultural significance of a character. Another way of looking at Unofficial Images is that they are images and ideas about a character or comic book that is unauthorized. It’s the fans’ and critics’ perspective. Unlike an official image that is carefully groomed and massaged and presented by people with ownership of the character (either physical or by employment) and is direct and immediate, unofficial has no immediate direct impact (it does have an impact but it takes longer to have any affect). Your job is to explore an unofficial image and present it to your reader. You may approach this problem for any of a number of angles: comparison and contrast between official and unofficial, discussion of an unofficial web-site or fanzine, comparison and contrast between unofficial images, fans’ uses of the comic book or character, a psychological profile of a typical fan, critics’ opinions, unauthorized uses, and more. Focus on one aspect for this paper.