Tribalism on Campus Submit Assignment

You’ve recently come across the following newspaper op-ed by social psychologist Jonathan Haidt, “How to Get Beyond Our Tribal Politics,“Preview the document and see many parallels between the ”tribalism” of contemporary American politics and what you see in your daily life as a college student.

For this assignment, your task is to create a Facebook chat about some form of “tribalism” on campus. You are free to determine the kind of tribalism under discussion, and the number and personalities of the people involved in this Facebook chat. But in order to make the conversation interesting, there should be some sort of tension or disagreement. We should also see these people try to persuade the others to change their minds on the matter.
The total number of words should be 500, but feel free to go over if you find yourself inspired.

One of main points of this activity is to show that you can represent multiple points of view on an issue, and articulate those views at some length. If you’re intimidated by this task, and the challenge of adapting to this new genre of writing, just relax and focus on making the conversation feel like an authentic chat between friends.