Tribal Chronic Disease Prevention-Summarization of Program and Community

Prompt: For this milestone activity, you will summarize the program and community that you chose to focus on for your final project. You should describe the program in terms of the theoretical basis and evidence base for program effectiveness. Community needs will be described in terms of socio-demographic characteristics, the distribution of the health issue, and disparities and social determinants that impact risk and health outcomes. Program: Tribal Chronic Disease Prevention-Good Health and Wellness in Indian Country (link: Prompt: First, you will provide an overview of the selected program and the public health issue targeted by the program. Next, you will research the community characteristics and health needs that will be addressed by the program. Include a review of the theoretical basis for the program and available scholarly evidence in support of the program effectiveness. See the critical elements below for an outline of the questions you should answer in this paper. The following critical elements must be addressed:  Introduction: ○ Describe the DCH program and community selected for the evaluation and the public health issue addressed by the program. ○ Describe the “logic model” for your program components. ○ Identify community stakeholders for this program evaluation.  Provide an overview of the public health issue targeted by the program using current published literature. Support your response with any relevant programs, evaluations, campaigns, and/or studies that have addressed your selected issue. This should include community socio-demographic characteristics, target populations, and description of the distribution of the targeted health conditions in this community.  Discuss what you are hoping to accomplish or determine by conducting an evaluation of the selected program and what audience(s) this evaluation would be most relevant for.  Develop goals for conducting your evaluation. Justify the appropriateness and relevance of your goals using current published literature.  Explain the social theories or health behavior models that apply to this program model.  Describe how health disparities will impact the conduct of this program evaluation.  Describe how social determinants of health in the selected community will impact the conduct of this program evaluation. Be sure to include federal, state, and local health department resources to specify the socio-demographic and health distribution characteristics for the chosen community. In addition, you will need to supplement the community needs resources with a summary of scholarly resources, including the theoretical basis of the program and the evidence base on the program effectiveness; how social determinants and disparities impact this health topic and risk and protective factors related to the distribution of the health condition in the population. Incorporate instructor feedback on this milestone into your final project submission