Transgender’s in Society

Transgender’s in Society Description This is a concept analysis paper. A concept analysis is not a personal opinion paper of what you think or feel about a topic. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reflect personally on the topics. But you so within the critical context of scholarly analysis, meaning that you consult scholarly materials, statistical resources and public reports in your written reflection. Don’t rely on magazines, blogs, and newspaper articles. Sometimes these sources contain useful information, but you need to consult more rigorous, academic and statistical resources of knowledge to gain a deeper understanding of your topic. To explore a topic in depth, make sure your paper has a definitive focus, with two or three sub-areas of your topic to be explored. Make a list of questions you want to find answers to in your research, and then go to the library database system online and type in “key words” to help you locate relevant research. Your papers must include (at least) three sources of academic/scholarly research, public reports, or statistical analysis from library databases ( Some good databases for research in this course are: Worldcat, Gender Watch, One Search, Google Scholar, ERIC, JSTOR, PsycINFO, PROQUEST, Social Sciences, and Sociological Abstracts. You may use additional nonscholarly sources like blogs, op-eds in your papers, if they are useful, but you should not rely on them as your principal or primary sources of information. How do transgender people’s journeys of sex reassignment challenge the traditional notion that a person’s biological sex is their gender destiny while simultaneously validating the importance of gender having an underlying physical component?


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