Today, security is the only thing that matters for websites.

Write 150 word response to each:

1. Below is the tag and form attributes we are using in our sample web form.

We know that the


But we want a JavaScript function to run before we take that action.

The JavaScript function will verify that the form data is complete before we send it to the server for processing.

We can use the onSubmit() event to trigger the JavaScript function: onsubmit=”return checkform(this)

The name of the JavaScript function is “checkform”.
◾The JavaScript function returns “false” if the form data is not complete.
◾The JavaScript function returns “true” is the form data is complete.

Only if the JavaScript function returns “true” will the form action be taken.

If the JavaScript function returns “false” the form data will need to be completed and the submit button clicked again.

Question: Looking at the list of events, do you see any other event which we could use to trigger the JavaScript verification function for this form?

Expand on each below to meet the 150 word requirement:

2. The factors affecting usability of a website are; intuitive design, ease of learning, efficiency of use and memorability. The technique of designing usable websites lies within user-centered design. This is whereby the designer creates a site meant for users and not his own.

3. Submitting a website to a search engine is a method used to get high ranking on the search engine. In order for the objective to be achieved, there are certain techniques that designers must follow in search engine inclusion. First the designer should reduce usage of JavaScript. The designer should also have proper positioning and usage of keywords. The designer has two choice methods of search engine inclusion; free listings and sponsored listings.

4. A designer should be conscious to design the website for multiple devices. This allows the website to fully optimized and cross platform. According to Frain (2015) a search engine friendly website should have a fast page load time. This is an important aspect as users are quite busy and impatient. To achieve this, a designer should use small images, minimize javascripts and enable compression. In designing one should consider using relevant keywords. The designers should be careful not to overuse them as it would make the webpage spammy.

5. Hosting a website can be a tough process to go through. This is due to the fact that there are numerous factors to consider when selecting the best company to host your website. The most important factor is price. Price communicates what kind of package you need and can afford. It also gets you to know the details of what you are paying for. Different features like quality hardware are costly and a lower package will hardly offer these features. Another criterion to look is the technological specifications and support.

6. 150 words Comment on the following and give real world example:
Today, security is the only thing that matters for websites.

There will always be more “bad guys” than “good guys” out there threatening our websites.

The threats are so extensive that only a large operation can afford the talent and tools to address the threats.
The cloud providers I have used and can recommend are:


AWS, IBM, Rackspace and Microsoft can protect and react quickly to security threats.

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