“Theatre is a rewarding pursuit.”

 Instructions A few policies and ideas for how to post complete and successful Chapter Explorations: 1) Always take the time to read each question carefully. 2) Cite page numbers from the textbook for each answer. You need only include the page number in parentheses, no other information. Example: “Theatre is a rewarding pursuit.” (33) 3) Be as detailed and specific as possible in your answers. The Chapter Explorations are your primary outlet to demonstrate your knowledge of subject. 4) You do not need to cite your textbook beyond just the page number but, should you choose to use an additional source, it is required that you cite it fully. When that is the case, use any citation style. Make sure that you are seeing all of the information/questions. Every Chapter Exploration lists the amount of questions at the top of the document. 6) In most cases, students can assume that “short answer” actually implies “short essay.” 7) Please attach all submissions as a Word Document. 8) Please number your answers.  9) Chapter Explorations are not “Formal Assignments” as outlined in your Syllabus. However, your spelling, sentence structure and other norms of the use of the English language need to be presented.