The Thin Blue Line Documentary

Rhetorical Analysis of a Visual Text The Thin Blue Line This essay is based on “The Thin Blue Line” documentary by Errol Morris, and “The Postmodern Challenge” text by Richard Sherwin Evaluate the following: Introduction: Define the larger conversation Introduce Errol Morris, The Thin Blue Line, and offer a brief synopsis of the film Define thesis: Specific technical moves that mMorris makes in response to his rhetorical/persuasive task. Might articulate the larger arguments that Morris/the film makes Body Paragraphs: (complete 2-3 rhetorical analysis. 1 per body paragraph) In each body paragraph do the following: Offer focused topic sentences that define the direction of the paragraph: Example: Morris begins the film by…in order to… B. Offer evidence from the film, either through summary or quotation. Example” Viewers hear Adams say that “ ,“ emphasizing his……Then Morris cuts to Adams as he describes his “ .” C. Explain “how” Morris makes his argument. Teach, translate, interpret the film for the reader. -Example: Through his immediate juxtaposition of Adams and Harris, Morris establishes….. Here are some rhetorical strategies Morris uses in the film that can be used for the body paragraphs -Juxtaposition of Interviews/scenes -Adam’s narrative authority: defining the narrative and rebutting counter narratives -Use of the color red to cast suspicion and doubt on those aligned against Adams -Use of archival black and white movie footage -Use of soundtrack -Absence of voice over narration and subtitles to guide viewers The Postmodern Challenge Section Be sure to: -Smoothly transition from the previous section -Introduce Richard Sherwin, “The Postmodern Challenge” text, and define and explain Sherwin’s conception of the postmodern challenge -Explain how the postmodern challenge complicates Errol Morris’s casual linear narrative in The Thin Blue Line. Consider the questions: What nonlinear narratives -acausal elements of the documentary that complicate the case supporting Adams’ innocence- are presented early on, but abandoned by the end of the film? Why? Finally, why do viewers tend to disregard the nonlinear narrative -In this discussion, you will want both quote excerpts from and summarize portions of “The Postmodern Challenge” Conclusion: Sum up concept of entire essay.