The relationship between hormones and behavior

 Description Critique Paper The goal of this paper is to critique a research article from the primary literature. The paper you choose to analyze can be on any topic you want, as long as it addresses some aspect of the relationship between hormones and behavior example topics: Negative and positive feedback, Menstrual cycle, Sex determination: genomic and non-genomic mechanisms,Sexual differentiation: male and female bodies,Brain differentiation: organization and activation Sexual orientation and gender Brain differentiation: variations in organization, Female sexual behavior: hormones and circuits in rodents,Female sexual behavior: hormones in humans Male sexual behavior: hormones and circuits in rodents, Homeostasis: Hunger Attachment: rodents Attachment: humans and oxytocin. You will evaluate the strengths and weakness of the paper’s design and conclusions and compare its results to that of at least one other paper addressing the same topic. Two useful resources for locating papers are PubMed and the ISI Web of Knowledge. Your paper should be no more than two (2) pages in length (double-spaced using 12 point font) and have references to no fewer than two papers from the primary literature (review papers and textbooks may be used, but they do not count towards the minimum two papers from the primary literature). Do not use any quotations in your paper. Everything must be written in your own words. The use of quotations will result in points being deducted from your paper. Use APA format for citing literature:; however, don’t use a title page or write an abstract.