The Quantum Bank Project (MPP format)

The project case ”The Quantum bank” which is on the page of 68 in the reading. The case is talking about Quantum bank developed an mobile application in 2016. The application was designed to help the customers with the ability to check account balances, bank services information and contact information. And the objective of the project is to make enhancement of the existing mobile app to manage bank transactions more effectivley and to increase the users base by providing additional money transaction services to the pre-existing platform like mobile bill payment, depositing, money transfering, credit card applications, loan and portfolio management. (Meredith, et al. p.68). The expected timeframe for the work is four months with an estimated budget of $500,000. ***You can change the total of timeframe (four months ) but need to mention to me on the project so that I could know the total duration has been modified, and please do not change too much. ***NEED to complete the following steps: 1. Set the start date of your project to the start date of 9/18/2018 and switch all your project activities to Auto Schedule 2. Estimate and enter durations for all your project activities. As you are estimating activity duration, keep in mind the skill level required to perform the task and resource availability. (remember the timeframe for the Quantum project is 4 months and estimate the duration reasonably ) 3. Add task notes to the project activities to document your estimating techniques. (at least 5 notes) For example, did you use PERT estimate, learning curve, expert judgment, or historical data? Why? (Hint: you can enter and review task notes on the Notes tab in the Task Information dialog box). 4. Add some milestones(at least 6) to your project wherever you feel they are most appropriate. (Hint: a milestone is an activity with zero cost and zero duration used in the schedule to indicate significant events reached within the plan or imposed on the plan – e.g: Survey completed or Permit received… 5. Add task relationships to all of your project activities and milestones. If you did not add milestones to your schedule, it is now time to do so. Do not link summary task or work packages – only activities and milestones. (activities are the small points that comes after deliverables and work packages. Eg: create system, user interface design, system ability test, create ads to end customer …etc. which mentioned in the MS project.) However, if a work package has not been decomposed into activities, then it should have a predecessor and a successor. Make sure that all activities have a predecessor, except the first one; and make sure that all activities have a successor, except the last one. 6. Need to Add couple start-to-start relationship between any 2 pairs of project activities that you think should be planned with a start-to-start relationship (e.g., activities 6 and 7; and activities 15 and 16). Add a Task note to explain why you believe these activities should be done in parallel instead of in sequence. Need to Add couple finish-to-finish relationship to two project activities. Add a Task note to explain why you believe these activities should be planned this way. 7. Add lead time to at least two task relationship. (Hint: in MS Project, a lead time is entered as a negative lag). 8. Add lag time to at least two task relationship 9. Add a constraint to at least two activity – for any task that has been constrained, add a comment to explain why it is constrained. 10. Add deadline reminder to at least 5 task or milestone. 11. Display the critical path of your project schedule and make sure that some of your activities have slack time – that is, not all your activities are in the critical path. 12. Display your project in a Network Diagram view and save it so that it automatically opens in that view