The play is “little shop of Horrors”.

Play response paper.FOLLOW DIRECTIONS The play is “little shop of Horrors”. DIRECTIONS: A short synopsis of the play (one paragraph), highlighting what you think are its major moments. A discussion about the major themes/subjects of both the play itself and this particular production. (Remember that a theme is not just one word) What ideas were particularly emphasized or highlighted in this production? Were there other themes that could have been more prominent? Why do you think the costumes, setting, and music were selected? How did they add to your understanding of the play’s themes? A comparison of this production to other plays, movies or TV shows(THIS CAN BE THE TWO TYPES OF SOURCES THAT YOU USE TO COMPARE THE THE PLAY TO). What parts are realistic/non- realistic? Presentational/representational? An example of a particular moment in the play in which all the elements came together to communicate the overall concept of this production. Try to include a variety of elements, such as acting, lighting, set, sound, staging, etc.