The increase trend in direct hotel bookings while excluding online travel agents/agencies

 The field of revenue management is constantly evolving. As more sectors within the tourism and hospitality industry adopt revenue management practices one can expect to continuously find emerging trends and issues related to it. The goal of this paper is to discover such a current issue or trend and complete a thorough investigation around it. For this assignment you will: 1.Research the field of Revenue Management to identify a specific current issue or trend that is of importance to the industry 2.Make an argument as to why this issue or trend is of importance to the industry 3.Research sources appropriate to your selected issue or trend. 4.Develop a comprehensive research paper explaining the issue or trend and its impact on the industry. Research Paper Rubric (90% value): Intro: (1 5pts) Introduction is well focused. Student(s) provides a clear and convincing case for the v alidity of the chosen subject matter as it relates to a current issue or trend in hospitality related revenue management. The introduction also accurately previews the structure of the paper and explains the students’ research methodology (sources consulted). Body:(50pts) The body is well structured, presenting thoughtful and supporting details that help develop a deeper understanding of the main idea presented in the introduction. Conclusion(15pts) Student(s) provided an engaging conclusion demonstrating knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. Conclusion ties in well to research presented throughout the paper Sources:(10pts) Student(s) used sufficient current/relevant sources to demonstrate a well balanced and well researched paper. (Minimum of 5). Sources are listed in APA format and proper in text citations are used throughout the paper. Wikipedia is not considered a valid source Format &length:(10pts) Research paper is well written, (not in first person) and has been adequately proofed. Document is presented in APA format with a proper cover page. Pages are numbered (not cover). The document includes section headings and provides a reference section at the end of it.