The color purple

 Description INSTRUCTIONS: This assignment asks that you compose a formal essay in which you compare and contrast a book and a movie. the book is “the color purple” by alice wlaker. Watch the film either before or after you read the book (your choice). In your essay, please address not simply how the content differs, but also look closely at the form—the presentation and execution of each (book and film) as works of art. Look at the choices made by the author or director or screenwriter and ask, “What is the effect?” Then, present your findings in a formal essay with a thesis statement and supporting paragraphs that include quotations and examples from the book and film. One way to approach your essay is to choose three or four elements to compare and contrast in book vs. movie, using the handout with literary terms and literary elements, such as the following: • Point of view: Who is telling the story? Do we trust the narrator? Why or why not? How is the book narrated—with first person, third person, or multiple narrators? What about the film? • Character development: What aspects of the main character are developed in the book vs. movie? What about supporting characters? • Plot elements: Conflict, rising action, falling action, climax and resolution. Which one is most strikingly different in book vs. movie? • Language and style: Does the book’s language differ from that in the film? What literary devices show up in the book? What stylistic (i.e., formal) choices show up in the film? What are the effects of these artistic choices? • Time: How does the film address and work with time? How does the book do the same? • Audience: Is the audience the same for both book and film? Why or why not? What choices did the author or director make in order to meet the needs of audience members?