The cask of amontillado

The professor said that he wants the analysis of symbolism role in the theme of “the cask of amontillado”. Also, he gave a handout where he wants everything’s that it’s in the paper go in the essay too. The paper contains… (THEME) EXCESSIVE PRIDE IS A DEDTRUCTIVE FORCE IN HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS: ( P.O.D) THE STORY’S SYMBOLISM REPRESENTS THE DECLINE OF THE SOUL INTO SPIRITUAL DEATH:NAMES, WINE, COSTUMES, COLORS,STAIRS TO CYPT, ARCHES, FAMILY CREST, AND MOTTO, LIGHT, AND DARK IMAGERY. (FOCUS) THE STORY’S THEME IS DRAMATIZED WHEN THE READER UNDERSTANDS THE PARALLEL SUGGUESTION THAT INTOXICATION BY ALCOHOL DIMINISHES CLEAR THINKING, JUDGEMENT, AND SELF CONTROL LEADING TO DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOUR SIMILAR TO THE CONSEQUENCES BROUGHT ON BY A DISTORTED SENSE OG SUPERIOR SELF IMPORTANCE, ENTITLEMENT, AND HONOR WHICH THRIVES ON REVENGE. He wants to make a thesis statement and the body paragraph to be an development paragraphs Also, he wants use to write about the cultural code, the holiday, the costumes, the bait, the catacombs and vengeance and make a paragraph for each topics and add them in the thesis. He wants us to explain in the cultural code, the defending honor, FAMILY name, revenge, names that has significant privilage. For the holiday, “Mardi gras”,and the corruption of the holiday. For costumes, what’s is Fortunato costumes and symbolic and the Montano too, and the web of deceit. For bait, the wine, pride and Luchesi. For the cataboms, describe it, Fortunato mental cinfussion, Montano mental confussion, mental and moral judgement, land of death. For the vengeance , victim chained in his crypt= fortunato, and the total moral collapse > murder, insanity and death of soul= montano.