The BSBRKG304 maintaining business records assignment

This is an assignment that focuses on the BSBRKG304 maintaining business records assignment. The paper also discusses the list of legislation of business operations.

The BSBRKG304 maintaining business records assignment


Question 1. Firstly, what legislation regulates the retention of documents by an agency?

Question 2. Secondly, what are the Australian Standards for records management?

Questions 3. Thirdly, what is the purpose of the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) Principles of Good Corporate Governance? List the principles.

Question 4. Fourthly, identify and list the legislation relating to the following aspects of business operations: ·Ethical principles and codes of practice ·Privacy and freedom of information ·Archives and records legislation ·Occupational health and safety

Question 5. Then, what is records management as defined in the Australian Standard ISO 15489

Question 6. Also, how is a record defined in the Standard ISO 15489-1-2001?

Question 7. Additionally, explain the concept of records continuum?.

Question 8. How long must you retain the following documents?
·       Non-financial records
·       Records use for tax purposes

Question 9. Provide also six examples of records that relate to dealings with clients that an agency is required to hold.

Questions 10. What controls can be implemented to ensure protection and security of records?

Question 11. What are the elements of an effective records management system?

Question 12. Discuss the responsibilities of the following organisational roles in regards to records management:
·Staff ·Management ·Records management personnel

Question 13. List three types of reports you may be to develop in your role as a licence estate agent or salesperson?

Question 14. Lastly, what are the steps in preparing reports?

Submission guidelines for this paper include:

Finally, the paper should be written in APA guidelines and format. The paper should be at least four pages in length. Ensure that you have resources in the paper and should be in the proper citation and formatting terms.