The 1900 Galveston hurricane

 The 1900 Galveston hurricane is widely considered the greatest natural disaster (in terms of loss of human lives) in U.S. history. In this investigation assignment,  (If you ultimately agree with this conclusion, you can challenge it – but only with strong evidence. It would be a tough case to make!) You should go about your investigation by asking or developing questions like those we used when studying the Johnstown Flood. Investigation Conclusion: The Galveston Hurricane should be exclusively classified as a “natural disaster” one that effected the people of Johnstown equally without respect to age, race, ethnicity, or social class. Completion Checklist 1. Provided a compelling case that the Galveston disaster was one where its major tragic outcomes were the result of specific long and short-term human actions and decisions. 2.Your investigation paper should draw on the Larson book and include at least 10 additional primary sources (including at least three newspaper accounts).Who – (what groups) suffered the most during the flood and during its aftermath? At what specific points—if any—could the tragedy have been avoided or at least the death toll greatly reduced? What steps did people in Galveston take to restore order after the flood? What were the major themes that emerged in the New York Times and/or other newspaper coverage of the disaster? What was the role of government – local, state, and federal in the disaster? Who or what factors do you think is most responsible for the Galveston disaster? (Where should the blame be placed?) 4. Provide specific examples and, where appropriate, include short quotes or statistics as evidence to support your answers. 5. Edit the paper so that you have written in the Active Voice, Past Tense-No First Person. 6. Include a title, and paginated, and double-spaced in 12-point font. 7. At least 1750(1750 – 2250) words in length. 8. Properly cited material taken from the book or any additional sources using the Chicago Manual of Style footnoting. 9. Used the spell-checking tool. Papers submitted without proper Chicago Manual of Style footnotes will not be accepted for grading. If you want to build this into a full research paper – 12 to 15 pages – contact me and we can discuss options. A research paper would earn additional credit that can be used to offset lower grades in other assignments.