Textual Analysis Essay:

For this essay, you are to select one article for deep and meaningful analysis. Please choose an article that you find engaging, as this assignment requires close reading and sustained thought. There is no requirement for additional researched sources beyond the one under discussion, although you may opt to bring another piece of research to the analysis if you so choose. Remember, though, that the majority of the analysis and discussion should be your own, original thoughts and insights. After choosing a single, appropriate text, you will then summarize, analyze, and evaluate the article. Your analysis should make an argumentative claim as to what specific elements of the article are effective or ineffective as persuasion. Evaluate how and why these elements work or do not work, and provide evidence. First, write an introduction where you identify the article title and author.

Your introduction should also include a thesis statement that clearly defines the direction of your analysis. Next, write an extremely brief summary of the article. Third, identify the main claim(s), supporting arguments and types of evidence used (i.e., logos, ethos, and/or pathos), and the counter-argument(s) and rebuttal/concession. Finally, discuss what aspects of the writing are persuasive and how the core argument works. Finish with a conclusion that ties back to your thesis statement without repeating the thesis statement. In this essay you must use examples from the article as evidence to support your thesis. These direct quotations will require in-text citations – PLEASE LIMIT the use of direct quotations. They are needed for support, not as the bulk of your essay. It is IMPERATIVE that you clearly understand logos, ethos, and pathos to complete this essay successfully. REQUIREMENTS: APA format for the entire essay: 12 pt. font Times New Roman, 1” margins, title page with header 3-5 pages of text in the body of the essay. This page range does not include the title page, abstract, references page, or appendix. Third person narrative (do NOT use I, me, we, us, you in any essays in this class) Analysis of a SINGLE article from a library database, link, or other professional-quality source An APA References page with at least one source—the original article being analyzed. This citation means you will also have at least one in-text citation to correspond to the source. You may include additional sources, but please remember that the majority of the essay’s focus should be on your own original analysis of a single text.