Teri v Ohio

The US Supreme Court in the Terry v Ohio case broke ground in a very compelling way by creating an authority for law enforcement officers that is not specifically expressed in the Constitution’s 4th amendment. What was the case about, and what was so groundbreaking about it? Specifically, what does the Supreme Court sanction as behavior for law enforcement officers and under what circumstances? Why was it important for the court to extend this authority? Be certain to explain the difference between the legal standards of reasonable suspicion and probable cause. Watch the video on the NYPD stop and frisk practices at the link below. It highlights this distinction between reasonable suspicion and probable cause. Incorporate the issues raised in this Nightline story into your answer to demonstrate the relationship between stop and frisk and the 4th amendment. Include your reaction to the story in your response.  https://www.oyez.org/cases/1967/35 https://youtu.be/8jqXeW5C324