Techniques/approaches for systems analysis and design;Agile Software Development

 Submit a report on one of the following techniques/approaches for systems analysis and design: 1. Agile Software Development 2. Business Process Model and Notation 3. Business Process Re-engineering 4. Dynamic Systems Development 5. Extreme Programming 6. Feature Driven Development 7. Kanban 8. Lean Software Development 9. Object-Oriented Analysis 10. Object-Oriented Design 11. Pair Programming 12. Rapid Application Development 13. Reuse-based Development 14. Scrum 15. Scrumban 16. Software Prototyping 17. Timeboxing 18. Use case analysis Choose any topic from the above list. The following online resources may be useful for the project:  Google search engine (  Wikipedia (  Google Scholar search engine (  EBSCO online database (through SMU library web site)  ProQuest online database (through SMU library web site, labelled as “ABI/INFORM Global” on SMU library web site). The report should be about 6 pages. The structure of the report is depending on a specific topic, but could include the following elements: 1. Title page 2. Table of content 3. Section 1: Introduction 4. Section 2: Objectives of the technique/approach 5. Section 3: Main features of the technique/approach 6. Section 4: Criticisms of the technique/approach 7. Section 5: Discussions 8. Section 6: References (citing about 15-30 relevant research articles or web sites to support your report)