Synthesis Essay

 A synthesis essay is a discussion incorporating supportfrom several sources with differing views. This type of essay requires you to critically read and analyze the sources, identify their relationship to your thesis, and evaluate more than oneauthor’s claims. Essay Prompt: Write a 750-1000-word essay that examines various aspects of creativity discussed in our sources. These aspects may include (but are not limited to) the importance of creativity in work, in education, in business, in technology, in health, in music and art, and in personal happiness. You will then choose and evaluate which aspect of creativity you consider most important and why. Essay Requirements: A thesis consisting of two parts: a) various aspects of creativity you will discuss based on the articles b) the single aspect of creativity you consider most important and whyRefer to at least two of the three articles mentioned above to support your thesis. While the authors cover diverse topics, make sure to emphasize similarities and/or differences between them, as appropriate. Relate their ideas and information to your thesis, and the aspects of creativity you want to cover. “Analysis” means thinking deeply about what these authors have said, considering the implications, and applying their points to your own perspective. Don’t just summarize; use the other author’s work to help lend credibility to your own claims about creativity. At least one body paragraph should be focused on the aspect of creativity you consider most important, and why. Personal experience, observation, and anecdote may be included in this paragraph, along with discussion of any of our class sources (articles and video). You should include in this paragraph which of the sources most closely aligns with your own thinking, and why. Also explain why you disagree with or reject the claims of the other sources. (If necessary, this may be two or even three paragraphs.)Use both direct quotations and paraphrases from these three sources. The paper should be written in MLA format, including in-text citations and a Works Cited page. You will also be allowed to include several class videos that we will watch. Otherwise, no other outside research.Incorporate a variety of strong verbs in your reporting language. Incorporate paraphrases that follow both verbs and adjectives.Write for a general educated audience that has read the sources, but has not analyzed them as you have.Your purpose is to help readers see the information and topic in a new way through your synthesis of its complexities.