Starbucks Corporation: The New S-Curve

PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THAT THE CASE HAS TO BE PRESENTED AS IF YOU ARE THE CONSULTANTS HIRED TO SOLVE THE COMPANY’S PROBLEM ON THE DATE THE CASE WAS WRITTEN AND NOT TODAY. first of all we need a summary of the case (attached) with sufficient analysis of the industry at the same year when the case occurred. all the resources used for the analysis should be from the same year which is 2010. after analyzing the case, 4 alternatives of strategic decisions should be provided, other than the decision taken in the case it self. The decision taken in the case can be considered as the 4th or 5th alternative which is the status quo. the paper should include the following: BROAD CATEGORIES: – Environment Analysis (External environment and Internal Environment) in the year of the case – Industry Analysis (in the year of the case) – Company Analysis (in the year of the case) – Financial Analysis (in the year of the case) – Problem Statement (the main issue faced) – Alternatives (minimum 4, including the status quo, the 5th alternative can be a combination of 2 different alternatives) – Recommendation (the best alternative to be chosen and the reason of choosing it) – Justification (detailed explanation) – Implementation Plan with the timeline (minimum of 3 periods) – Contingency Plan (plan B) the case will be attached to this request, as well as how to write the case paper, in addition to the book used in class. References used to analyze the status related to the case should ALL be in the same year