Social impact od depression

Cite five sources, such as books and journal articles, each of which is followed by an annotation. F. Ultimately, the sources you select will pertain to the topic you have chosen to explore as part of your in-depth argumentative research assignment. G. Each source will do the following: 1. Provide background research findings, information, or history; 2. Support your point of view; H. The sources you choose to use in your in-depth argumentative research paper may be the sources for this bibliography. I. Each selected source must be able to pass the validity and reliability standard for a formal academic research paper. J. Each of the five entries in the bibliography must begin with a full MLA style citation. K. Every entry must be followed by an annotation that includes the following in this order: 1. The purpose of the work 2. A summary of its content 3. The type of audience for which the work was written 4. Its relevance to your topic 5. Any special or unique features about the material 6. The strengths, weaknesses or biases in the material 7. Discussion of the author’s background J. The title of your annotated bibliography will be “Annotated Bibliography: (Your Topic). K. All elements of MLA8e style apply. L. All rules of standard written English apply.