Sleep in Organisms- sleep in non-human organisms

For this paper, you should write a 2- 3 page paper on sleep in non-human organisms. You are to do the following: Research how 3 different organisms (Not Man or any named in your book), handle their sleep/wake cycle. This includes mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and even insects. Of course their sleep/wake cycle may be very different than that of humans and that is what you are to talk about. Be sure to talk about what kind of cycle each has – or at times does not have – whether they are nocturnal or diurnal and what the characteristics of the sleep pattern are. You may select one mammal, one marine animal (which may be a mammal or not) or fish and one additional organism. These should be specific creatures and not just a class say of all birds or something like that. I will tell you that birds are interesting to study for their sleep patterns. Do your selected organisms dream? Watson, N.V. and Breedlove, S. M. (2016) The Mind’s Machine: Foundations of Brain and Behavior, Edition 2, Sinauer and Associates, Inc. ISBN 978-1-60535-276-3 (paperback)]