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This assignment asks you to look at the argument you have just created for your Argument of Definition Essay from a different point of view. That means you will be writing an argument that is counter to your original argument. For example, if your argument of definition advocated for the use of the term “climate change” over “global warming,” your counter paper should make an argument for why 1) it doesn’t matter what word you use, 2) why one phrase is actually more accurate than the other, OR 3) introduce a new term that’s superior to either. This is just one example and if you need help generating ideas for your own specific paper, I’m available to talk to you about it during my office hours. The goal of this assignment is not to make you adopt an opposite point of view for your argument in an attempt to persuade/convince yourself, but rather to help you solidify your understanding of other points of view on your argument, which in turn can help you clarify your own position. One of the best ways to enhance your ethos in your argument is to show that you can fairly represent points of view that differ from your own — and explain why your audience should still pay attention to your position anyway. FORM: Write a 2-page paper (MLA formatting), in which you sincerely argue a position antithetical to the thesis you are arguing in your Argument of Definition paper. Please do not write more than 2 pages – your challenge for this assignment is to craft a convincing argument in a limited amount of space. Because this assignment is so short, naturally you will not be able to cover your counterargument with the same depth as your Argument of Definition, so endeavor to present the most powerful claims/reasoning/warrants that would create a persuasive short piece of writing.