Sex as a commodity

 Description Term Paper: Students will be expected to write a 5-7 page research paper. The paper must be written in APA formatPreview the document, which will be discussed in class. Further instruction on APA formatting can be obtained by reading the APA Style Guide, available in the Library.  Students may choose any topic related to sexuality. Excellent ideas can be found in the margins of the text, called Critical Thinking Questions. Students will be expected to explore the library resources, finding and using at least 3 scholarly sourcesPreview the document. Scholarly sources include peer-reviewed journals, text books or other authoritative resources. 100 points are possible according to the following criteria: Paragraph Construction: all paragraphs include an introductory sentence, explanations or details and a concluding sentence. Paragraphs are appropriate in length. Quality of Information: paper introduces the student’s thesis, defines terms, cites evidence and draws conclusions; paper introduces the applicable historical and cultural elements of the topic, discusses current research, and concludes with your analysis of the topic. If controversial or moral arguments are made, alternative viewpoints are presented. Mechanics: there are no grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors; language is academic in nature and appropriate to audience. Student uses good sentence structure, demonstrates working knowledge of any vocabulary used, and maintains an academic style throughout the paper. Use of APA Style: punctuation, capitalization, italics, abbreviations, and quotations are all in APA format; paper is double spaced with correct margins, title page, indentation and page numbers. There is a properly-formatted title page and a References page that utilizes hanging indentations. Sources: all sources are accurately documented in APA format, both in-the-text citations, as well as on the References page; there are at least 3 scholarly sources cited. Any number of additional sources may be cited, and should, for a paper of this length. ANY idea you bring from another source should have a corresponding citation on your References page, even when you use your own words. Use direct quotations sparingly and only when you cannot frame the author’s idea in your own words.