Service Learning Group Project- Employment Health Centre

This semester, our class will be partnering with the Employment Health Centre to engage in a “live case” scenario. Gary Bruce will be coming to our class on September 25 and October 30 to discuss various aspects of the case that need to be resolved. During this class individuals are expected to take detailed notes so that they can use the information for their final project. There will be an opportunity for a Q&A session with Gary Bruce. Please come to class prepared to ask questions. Consider the requirements for the group report. Students are responsible for creating their own groups of approximately five members. Team contract submissions as well as questions for the first community partner visit are due on September 18. Team members must be finalized by this date. Your team will complete a comprehensive analysis of the case provided by Gary Bruce. The case will provide you with a workplace scenario and your team will be asked to identify and provide solutions for problems contained in the case. Your report will be graded on your ability to critically analyse the case using course concepts and theory. You will also be asked to make recommendations based on your thorough analysis. Your report (one per team) is due November 29. Your report (excluding any Appendices) should be approximately 20 pages, double-spaced. This assignment is due before class begins and is to be loaded onto the appropriate assignment folder on the course Sakai site. Each team will deliver a presentation based on their final report. Team presentations will be held in class on November 29 & December 4. Each team will present on either one of these days. A copy of the presentation slides must be handed in with the final report. Cover Page Include your section number, name of your course instructor, the names and student numbers of all group members in alphabetical order. Introduction and the Purpose of the report Your introduction should begin with a description of the organization. Clarify the purpose of your report, how it is organized and the key issues your team will address in the report. The introduction may be written addressing Gary Bruce. Problem Identification This section should include the identification and explanation of specific problems, challenges or issues facing the Employment Health Centre. Your discussion should explain the problem/issue, describe why it is a concern for the organization, and identify the stakeholders affected. Your report should identify at least five major problems from a human resource management perspective. Defend your problem statements using both facts given in the case, and relevant course concepts from at least 5 different chapters of the textbook. In addition to information obtained from the textbook, you should also include references from at least 10 different, reputable sources to support the problem identification or recommendations in your report. General Recommendations Based on the problems identified in the previous section, and given the contextual information you have been given about the Employment Health Centre, this component of the report should describe a detailed set of recommendations that address each of the aforementioned issues. Your suggestions should not only speak to what needs to be done to address each problem, but should also state how each proposed solution should be implemented. Your recommendations should focus primarily on the HR elements of the case, however, Human Resource Management does not occur in a vacuum, therefore, you are also encouraged to discuss how your proposed suggestions may affect other business functions as well and how problems that are not directly HR issues may have an impact on the employees of the Employment Health Centre. Conclusion This section should provide a brief summary of the main problems you have identified and how you have proposed to address them. References Each team should submit a reference list of resources used. 10 References are required. References should be in APA format (Refer to Sakai for instructions). Team Presentation Your team must present your idea in an engaging, professional and creative way. You are encouraged to present your analysis and recommendations in an exciting way that will stand out from the other teams presenting in the course. You will be graded as a team, however, do not feel compelled to have each group member present. I recommend that one or two members present on behalf of the team.