SINGLE SPACED*** overview of assignment: In Our Microbiology lab class we were each given a unknown bacteria in a tube, we had to run different tests on the bacteria, such as Lactose, GLucose, MRVP, MOTILITY, GELATINASE , Osidase, Catalase.. Going by those test, we identified our unknown.. Mine is SERRATIA MARCESCENS. This Paper is going to be based on that Bacteria, Below is what the professor requires of us: IDENTIFICATION OF YOUR UNKNOWN SERRATIA MARCESCENS *OVERVIEW – *CLINICAL MANIFESTATIONS- here you will list and describe all diseases associated with your etiological agent. (the bacteria). Signs and Symptoms *EPIDEMIOLOGY Incidence, morbidity, mortality, epidemiological highlights, transmission mechanism; vectors, fomites (if any); prognosis. PATHOGENESIS List and describe the mode of transmission from the bacterial entrance and the steps followed to the clinical manifestation of the disease, course to complications and death or resolution. Special situations should be listed:• pregnancy, • immunocompromised, • neonatal, • childhood and • elderly presentations. • other DIAGNOSIS. List and describe all diagnostic measures both for the bacteria and for its most common clinical manifestations. TREATMENT AND PREVENTION Be specific!