Risk Takers: Uses and Abuses of Financial Derivatives

Book Report

The following book is an easy read that is interesting and provide some good insights. You should read the book and write a report on it.

• Risk Takers: Uses and Abuses of Financial Derivatives (2nd Edition) by John Marthinsen Your report should be no more than 20 pages and no less than 12 pages. It should be typed, font size of 11, and one and half spaced. Top and bottom margins should be 1 inch, left margin should be 1.5 inches, and right margin should be 1 inch.

Your report should have two sections. In the first section, you should summarize each chapter (total of 8-12 pages and 70% of the grade. In the second section, you should connect the book to the topics that we discuss in the course, provide personal insights, and 4 offer your own thoughts on the material, including areas with which you particularly relate or disagree (3-4 pages and 30% of the grade). Your report should look something like this: Name: Futures Bond Section 1 A. Summary of Chapter 1: This chapter…. B. Summary of Chapter 2: This chapter … Section 2 Reflection and Connection to the Course