Research project assignment

Choose five of the following questions, and then, utilizing a variety of research sources, find the answers, and then write those answers in your own words. You may use the library, textbooks, the internet or other sure to answer every question in the larger question and be sure to identify the sources you have utilized in your work. After that, write a comprehensive essay incorporating and connecting the five topics under a unified thesis. some of these topics you may be more familiar with than others, so it might be rewarding to challenge yourself with ones you know little or nothing about the objective of this assignment is to be able to look up material, discriminate between what you need and don’t need, and make appropriate choices, to be sure to choose information that is relevant to the question itself and to synthesize and integrate the information into a unified answer. so I choose the five questions, please answer them and convert them into an essay. these are the questions 1-Who is Galileo? what is he most known for today? what discoveries did he make and theories that he supported that cause him to get into a lot of trouble with the catholic church? How did he die? Why? 2- Who is Dr.Alfred Kinsey? What is he most famous for? what impact did his research have on our world today? 3- who is John Calvin? what is the economic/theological philosophy he developed? what effect does his belief system continue to have in the modern world? 4- who is Edgar Allan Poe? how did he live? what all did he do? what problems plagued his life? how did he die? 5- who is Karen Silkwood? how did she become famous? in what ways has she been immortalized? do you believe she was a heroine or not? Those five questions need to be answered and turn into essays, please. Thank you in advance.