Description Review the following tutorial to learn more about the Female Reproductive System. You will need Adobe Flash to view the tutorial in this assignment. Complete your essay by answering the questions below. The Reproductive System. Bozeman Science. Retrieved April 2, 2018 from In this module, we discussed the structure and function of both the female and male reproductive systems. Use your required readings, the tutorial on The Reproductive System, and accomplish some independent research if necessary to complete your final case assignment, in which you discuss: The process of spermatogenesis in the male testis. Be sure to include in your discussion how mitosis, meiosis I, and meiosis II are involved in spermatogenesis, and the hormones and supporting cells that regulate this process. The process of oogenesis in the female. Be sure to include in your discussion how meiosis I and meiosis II are involved in oogenesis, and describe the hormones responsible for the development of the egg and release (ovulation). Compare mitosis and meiosis. What is similar about these processes? What is different? Why is it important that meiosis be used in sexual reproduction? View the following tutorial on Mistakes in Meiosis. Research an example of a disorder in which a mistake is made during meiosis. Describe the disorder. What are the consequences?